The cost of dental care is quite high, and this is the main reason why more people tend to disregard their dental issues most of the time. Most people prefer to spend their money on other needs and wants instead of going to a dentist to have their teeth checked, cleaned, or corrected.

Meanwhile, many companies have formulated two options to individuals and families to let them enjoy dental services anytime they want. Dental insurance and discount dental plans have been created. These two plans are both designed to help people, but they are different in some ways.

Dental Insurance

A dental insurance is similar to a health insurance. Individuals pay their premiums monthly and make some choices to avail of dental care. These choices include choosing the rates of their premiums and deductibles, and the types of dental services that will be covered.

The downside of some dental insurance plans is that the coverage of services could be limited. Very expensive services such as root canal may not be specified as covered by the dental insurance plan, so one has to pay the needed amount. Other services covered by the insurance plan are considered as free.

Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plans are like joining memberships in a dental club. For each dental procedure, individuals may enjoy varying discounts. These discounts could let one save from around fifty dollars to two thousand dollars. The member has to pay monthly as well, but the discount dental plan does not involve deductibles, annual maximums, and other terms indicated and designed for insurance plans.

Which is Better – Dental Insurance or Discount Dental Plan?

Getting a discount dental plan is considered cheaper and more convenient than dental insurance, especially if individuals need to make a lot of dentist visits. The dental insurance limits a person from availing different services and may undergo some waiting periods. With a discount dental plan, individuals can go anytime they need or want and pay cheaper costs for services such as root canal, braces, crown, or upper denture.

On the other hand, if some individuals have a healthy and good set of teeth, it means that they can afford to wait for different timeframes when availing of dental care services through insurance. They don’t have to consider getting a lot of discounts as well because they can also limit their dentist visits based on their needs.