When you’ve had a good experience, it’s human nature to want to tell others about and try and help them replicate your own good fortune. This is particularly true when it comes to sharing experiences with family and friends, who we have a natural desire to see do well and help support.

In some circumstances, however, this can be something of an uphill battle that feels as if it is impossible that you can ever actually win it. Some people don’t want advice, while others tend to stick to their previous beliefs even if you offer up direct evidence of their supposed facts being untrue. Nevertheless, the desire to help people we care for continues, and you can often find yourself in a loop of trying to convince someone who is stubbornly determined to see otherwise.

This becomes all the more difficult when the thing you are trying to promote and tell the best side of already has a poor reputation, as is the case with dental cards. Often maligned as for the cheap and only redeemable at bad dentists — because good dentists have no interest in making money? The logic is baffling in this argument! — these cards are a financial lifesaver that many people overlook.

If you have had a good experience with dental cards, however, it can feel difficult to keep control of what you want to share with others. This is especially true if a product or service is often rubbished by others; by having a good experience of it, you are beginning to have a strong protective feeling towards something you have enjoyed.

It can be even more difficult to hold your tongue if your friends and family are struggling financially, and you know they have dental bills coming up or perhaps braces needed for their children.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath and make your best effort. Start by being upfront about your own usage and why you chose to look past the social stigma, outlining all the benefits and why a dental card is a viable alternative to insurance rather than a cheaper option. Show them any documentation you have, as well as the reduction you have received on treatment as a result of having such a product. By the time they see the actual figures they can save in front of their eyes, their decision will be halfway to being changed already.