It is always beneficial to question received wisdom; for too long people have assumed that what they are told is accurate and not really seen fit to put it to the test. Over time, this has allowed narratives to form that are not always accurate and which, as often as not, benefit one set of people more than others. This is most obvious when it comes to advertising – executives have over the years been paid to give you the information that one product is amazing and all its competitors are actively damaging.

Financial corporations, of course, are simultaneously in command of a great deal of money while also experienced in the fields of making more money and keeping hold of that which they do have. And so when you hear that dental insurance is an essential, and better than discount dental plans in every way imaginable, it’s worth stopping to think about why you’re hearing that. It may not be that it is wrong in every case, but it would be a bad idea to assume it’s just a fact.

You should assume that insurance companies are less than well disposed towards dental discount plans. On the most basic level, they are competition. Even if the number of people with discount cards is dwarfed by those on insurance plans, it’s worth remembering that insurance companies want more of the market than they currently have. Even if one company had 99% of the potential customers, it would still push for the remaining 1%. Therefore, while the insurance companies may not feel under threat, per se, it suits them to have negative information attach to discount cards.

It is this kind of negative information that you will often find in everyday conversation, in articles and more than anywhere else, on the internet. While the web is an essential resource for information gathering, it is worth remembering that when you have a resource that anyone can add to, there is no doubt it will contain some lies. Again, that’s not to say that every negative claim about dental discount cards is false and biased, but it is a fact.

A lot of negative information about dental discount plans centers on them being not as good as dental insurance, without ever going into the ways in which they may suit someone for whom dental insurance is not a good fit. This, and other oversights, are why you shouldn’t assume based on user-generated content that dental discount plans are useless.