The general best advice is that you should always be prepared, and that’s definitely some advice that is well worth taking. In modern society, the idea of being prepared has been extrapolated to mean a variety of things, but perhaps the most obvious example of it is the concept of insurance. Insurance allows people to feel they have some control over their future, giving them options and allowing plans to be made without concern about a sudden financial bill to pay for or replace something essential.

Insurance, however, is not the be all and end all of the concept of being prepared in modern adult life. There are other things which run alongside insurance, which sometimes can either compete with or replace the need for. One such example is a product know as dental cards.

Dental cards are a simple concept. You pay a small amount upfront to purchase the card, covering the types of treatment you wish to be covered and think will provide the most use to you and your family. When it comes to paying your bill, you redeem the card with your dentist in exchange for a percentage of your bill being reduced. They can produce substantial savings.

dental planWhat many people who purchase a dental card begin to wonder is whether they are a total replacement for insurance, and vice versa. While it may seem on the surface that these are two products at the opposite end of the spectrum, in reality they can work well together and provide thorough coverage for all eventualities. Promisingly, the cost of both insurance and a card is still likely to be less than having to find the money for a one-off bill for emergency or complex dental work.

The best way to use them together is to separate their usage. Insurance should be reserved for the most expensive items, where all you want to worry about is your deductable and let the plan take care of the rest. This makes sense, as sometimes bills can be huge and even the savings offered by a percentage reduction via a dental card will not be enough to reduce the amount in to something affordable to the average family.

However, every time you claim, you bump your premium up. For smaller issues, perhaps infections or teeth cleaning, claiming on the insurance is going to be problematic, sending your premium for little reward. So pay in cash for these things, using a dental card to mitigate the outlay from your own pocket. You can also look for dental insurance no waiting period promotions to get a better deal.