If you’ve recently been told that your child requires braces, you are not alone if your second thought goes to how you are going to finance such a procedure. It’s completely natural to have this concern; dental work is expensive and is rarely covered by standard health insurance plans, so when you get the news you’re going to start thinking about finding the money you need.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to the question of “how much do braces cost?”. The situation is far more complex than that, depending entirely on your child and their personal circumstances. It can vary depending on the longevity needed from the braces, the issue you are trying to resolve, your child’s age and personal history and even whether they require both upper and lower sets.

The first thing you need to do is obtain quotes from as many dentists and orthodontists as you can manage. Give as much detail as possible regarding the situation, your child and why they need braces; if necessary book consultation appointments to make sure they give the same verdict as your original dentist. Allow people to make sound judgements on what is required rather than pulling figures out of the air, and don’t forget to ask for quotes regarding after and follow-up care as well.

When you think you’ve had enough quotes, get a few more. If that sounds like overkill, it really isn’t, and it’s worth finding a few quotes from outside of your immediate area as well. Price is often dictated by the market, and even looking a couple of towns over might affect the price you find yourself being quoted.

It’s also worth checking online for amounts other people have been charged. If you find all the quotes you have are way outside of market lines, then it might be worth seeing if there is any opportunity to haggle. You may find this uncomfortable, but if it saves you money they surely it’s well worth considering and you’ll be glad that you did it.

So if you are wondering how much do braces cost, it’s time to stop doing so. Get firm answers and quotes from professionals that allow you to actually know the figures and begin to make the financial preparations that are required. Guessing is not going to do anything for you, so get the true facts and figures and then you should be able to make a sound judgement that you can actually act upon.